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Paper Jams

Paper Jams…happen. It’s a fact of life. Most paper jams occur when the paper coming from the tray is damaged in some way. Bent corners, wrinkles, humidity curled, etc. Here are a few simple steps you can do to minimize paper jams:

First, inspect the paper you are putting in the machine. Make sure it is not damaged and if it is, try to correct the damage or discard the damaged media.

Second, feather the paper. Paper is adversely affected by environmental variables such as humidity and cold. Often, excessive humidity will cause the paper to curl slightly or stick together. Feathering the paper allows it to become unstuck from it’s neighbor.

Third, take your time loading the paper. If paper is not loaded properly in the machine several things can happen. The prints can become skewed or printed lower on the page than intended. The machine may not register the paper properly and give a false jam. Or, the machine may pull the paper skewed and it causes a jam further into the print cycle. After loading the paper, check to be sure your paper tray guides are properly set to the indicated paper size.

When a paper jam does occur, be sure to make sure all of the paper fragments are removed from the machine. Pull out the main sheet of paper and set it on the desk. If parts are missing, attempt to locate them in the machine and piece together the original sheet of paper until all parts are located. This ensures there is nothing left in the machine that can cause another jam on the next job. Take these easy steps of properly loading the paper up front and you’ll reduce the amount of paper jam hunting in the future.